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πŸš€ What we do

We are a Munich-based startup building intelligent software for procurement founded by a motivated, tech-driven team and backed by Germany's leading digital entrepreneurs.

At tacto, we believe that the next wave of technical progress will reshape the industrial world, the backbone of our economy. Procurement is the biggest value-driver in industrial organizations while its complexity in terms of parts, suppliers, requirements, and supply chains is ever-increasing. Organizations lack future-proof tools to retrieve actionable knowledge from the vast amount of information available - our opportunity.

We founded tacto to build an intuitive and data-driven procurement solution to focus on what matters by automating what does not.

🌟 Why it matters

πŸ”Ž What we are looking for

Tech & Product


We know that perfect candidates don’t exist and don't have specific "minimum qualifications". We’d love to learn more about you and care about your motivation and ability to shape the industrial future with us - even if you don't fit the role above 100%.

πŸ’œ What we value